Stuck on the workflow for adding sleeping arrangements

Hi Guys

I am trying to achieve something similar to AirBnb’s sleeping arrangements where you can specify quantity and type of beds in each room. But I am stuck with creating a workflow for the ‘Add’ button, as at the moment it doesn’t really work as expected, seems to add duplicates…

The ‘Sleeping Rooms’ and ‘Sleeping Bed’ already has app data, so the ‘Sleeping Rooms’ are the enteries 1-8 and the ‘Sleeping Bed’ contains the type of beds that are available. Therefore it just leaves the ‘Sleeping Bed Data’ as the variable that changes depending on the amount specified by the user and the type.

Here are some snapshots of the Data Types and Workflows.






Any guidance would be a big help.

@keith - Hey Keith, you managed to help with the Property Features data model of the owners notes, so wondering if you have a take on this puzzle, if so you’ve advice would be much appreciated


Hey @luke2,

I think you may be overthinking it. You’ve got an awful lot of cross-association going on there. Here’s how I do it:

  • Listing, Bedroom, Bed and Bed Type are things of course. Listing has (among many other things) field “Bedrooms” which is a LIST of type Bedroom. Bedroom datatype has simply a “Name” field (text) and “Beds” field (a LIST of type Bed). Bed has simply a “Type” field (of type “Bed Type”). Bed Type is like my “system variable” approach to Amenities (they are just text values that describe types of beds, King, Queen, Twin, etc. – they are created only by the admin, so essentially this is a static list of texts, right?)

  • So you can see: Listings can have an arbitrary number of Bedrooms; a Bedroom can have an arbitrary number of Beds; a Bed has a type that describes the Bed.

The Workflow for creating these things is now insanely simple:

  1. Create the thing in question.
  2. Attach it to the correct parent thing.

So here’s my interface for that. This is a Repeating Group (of Bedrooms that are in the Listing’s list of Bedrooms) with another Repeating Group inside of it (of Beds that are in the parent Bedroom). Have a look:

Here’s workflow for what happens when Add a Bed is clicked:

First create a new Bed (note in the interface above, the NAME of the Bedroom is simply done by Autobinding):

Now “attach” (ADD) the Bedroom to the Listing’s list of Bedrooms:

Same thing for when “Add a Bed” is clicked:

Create a new Bed:

Attach the Bed to the Bedroom’s list of Beds (ADD it to that list):

Bingo, bango, boom:

Make sense?

Best Regards,

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Hey @keith

Perfect, thanks for steering me in the right direction. For some reason I was going via Listing > Room > Beds Types > Beds. Where as you’ve rightly said, Bed Types should just be at the sideline and pull the pre-set data into the Beds therefore bypassing from Room > Beds…

A few improvements needed, but getting there:

Thanks again Keith :+1:

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