Stuck with an issue around backend workflow


Sorry but, I’m completely lost with backend workflows…

In my app, I use an hidden variable to build a text to send by email.

Build of the variable (using conditions and checks), send email with backend workflow (body = my text variable), then display the text variable in a group for the user.

My problem : the text sent in the email is lot the same than the text displayed i’ the group at the end. But both come from the same variable…

Is there any known issue or consideration to take into account when working with both variables and backend Workflow?

Many thanks for any help / feedback :pray:t2::pray:t2:

Backend flows do not know what a page’s elements are. They are server-side flows.

Yes, but what is star he is that in the email text, I see some value of the thing and variable passed to the workflow… Strange, no?

@cmarchan, so if I’m correct, backend workflow can’t use “Current things or page”. Am I right saying that I can pass a search for thing (based on the current thing uniq if) to the backend workflow?

I’ve to give a try. I am just asking in case you’re connected to the forum :slight_smile:.

Yuo cannot use “current thing”. What you do is establish manual parameters in the backend flow, that get picked up in the page’s flow.

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Thanks @cmarchan, I’m going to change my mind and my workflows structure :wink:

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