Stuck with creating a private portal on Bubble

Hi, I’m stuck with creating a private portal via Bubble.

I was hoping for something where people can create a post on the ‘hub’ to ask questions (a bit like the forum), but the hub can only be accessed by people who have an account on the app.

You can’t sign up for an account either. You need to be approved by the admin (me) to be able to see the hub.

If anyone could help me create this, you’d be a massive help and you’d impact my day greatly.

Kind Regards,

Add a boolean field called “HubAccess” to User, with a default value of “No”. Also add a field called “HubAccessRequested” with a default of “No”. You can then add a button somewhere to request access to the hub. When the user requests access, set the “HubAccessRequested” to “Yes”. You can add a workflow email to yourself to receive access request notification, or show it in an RG with a list of pending approvals in your admin dashboard. In the RG, you can include a button to set Current Cell’s User’s HubAccess to yes.

Then, for the hub page, in the main group, only show the main group if current User’s HubAccess is Yes and navigate to home page if the HubAccess is No.

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