Stuck with understanding date/time for my app

Hello Bubblers,

So I figured out how to show a list of time slots based on the day of the week and the user’s availability values that are saved to the DB. My concern is that that times are not date values but rather constructed number values that I’ve learned from other user’s posts here on the forum. And if they are not actual date values, I don’t see how I will send correspondences/notifications to the user based on their appointment times created. For ex.

Let’s say a user books an appointment on a friday at 2:00pm…I plan to send reminder notices 24 hours before the actual appointment time.

If my time slots are numbers rather than dates, I don’t see how I could send this information dynamically.

Here’s what I have accomplished (but i’m afraid it was all for nothing):

Time Slots triggered by the ‘book’ button.

Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to continue with what i have going or if i need to go another route (I really hope not :worried:) and if so, can you make a suggestion?

Appreciate any help!

I got something pretty similar working for a project some months ago.
One possible way which comes to my mind: have a separate date (with data type date) based on the selected month, in your example it would be 01.08.2019. Then you can do date manipulations based on your numbers, like +(days):19 and +(hours):8, or whatever is selected.