Student Interview

Dear Bubbler,

Hi, this is Enzo Zeng. I am a student at Columbia University, majoring in media communication, and I am really grateful to meet all of you here on the bubble form! I am inspired by the posts in terms of how you guys structure your project idea and witnessing your journey going from idea to live!

I am now writing a thesis paper about “the digital divide”. It is a concept that refers to the gap between people who have access to information, communication, and technologies (ICTs) and those who do not. In my research, it shows that no-code tools such as Bubble might be a potential solution to bridge such a gap, though the no-code tools still remain an emerging trend in which the tool itself constantly evolving as well. I am intrigued by some of (maybe all of) the terms mentioned here on the Forum.

Thus, I am looking for bubblers who are available and willing to do a short time interview with me to talk about Bubble!

If you are interested, please leave a comment or contact me through email at