Stumped making unique list in RG

I’m making a message app similar to What’sApp in design.

Type is Messenger

I’m making a screen that will show a list of the people that have sent messages to me (clicking with then display all the messages from that sender).

Do Search for Messenger works fine.

But it should be a list of unique names.

When I attempt to add unique.elements to the search path, nothing changes, probably because I haven’t defined WHICH field is to be unique.

But when I add that field (sender-email) to the search path, bubble insists that I change the type to TEXT, but then the fields in the RG won’t connect. (one is an image).

Any help appreciated.


Change the type to TEXT, and then put the elements inside of the RG in a new group of type messenger. As data source for this group you can then do a search for messengers where sender-email = parent group’s text. This way the fields will connect.

I tried this:
group type = text
Repeating Group = messenger

but I the same thing happened when I added unique.elements - it insists it be text.

With both as text, I am able to get a unique list of senders, and I can set one field to show the sender’s email (this the field I searched for w/ unique.

But I’m unable to connect the other fields (a profile picture and the message)

Please let me know if I gave up too soon on group=text, RG=messenger as you suggested. I couldn’t get it to work.


You tried it the wrong way. RG=Text, Group=messenger.

No luck. I’ve never seen so much red warnings.