Stumped - Trying To Change List Of Item's Fields Based On Selected List

Hello fellow Bubblers. Long time forum member, first time posting.

Best way to frame this is as an ecommerce transaction: I am trying to send a list of updated quantities from an online order’s cart after checking out to replace the quantities of the purchased items in the store with what is now left of that item’s stock.

In this case it’s an event list of needs where you are saying you can bring certain items (and they each have quantities of what is needed for the event). So you might sign up to bring 5 (out of 10 needed) pizzas and 2 (out of 4) bottles of soda. When the user selects those I create a new Signup data thing for each “order”, which points to the Item (already created thing) they chose and the quantity of that Item that they are accepting to bring.

I am assigning this all temporarily with the Current User (who will be anonymous in many cases) until they decide to commit to it, since they can go ahead and deselect that item or quantity and choose something else at any point. Additionally they could just “abandon cart” and this allows me to clear those temp Signup things (no email or name) every 24 hours.

So when they click to save their “order”/pledge to bring those Items & quantities, I create a new account (capturing name & email) and take their list of Signups and update the Item things with the new quantities (Quantity Available - Quantity Accepted = New Quantity Available).

I am trying this and it’s not working: Change list of things >Type of things: Items > List to change: Current User’s Signups Item selected > Field: Quantity Available = Current User’s Signups New Quantity Available.

I can’t figure out how to get it to update the quantities of those Items based on the Signup that has that Item referenced. Seems like this should be simple because it’s what any shopping cart would have to do to reflect the new available quantity in stock of products after a purchase. I just can’t seem to get around this logic.

Thank you for your help!

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