Style not setting body background color

Ive set a body-level background color in multiple apps and they work. Except for one app, and I’m losing my mind! I can copy/paste the code from my other apps and it won’t work. Madness.


Doesn’t work.

Check it out in the app itself. terminal | Bubble Editor

Any help?

Are you referring to the white space on the left and right of the page? If so, that’s because your page is set to fixed width.

If you’re referring to something else, could you point to it specifically? As far as I see, the color is properly applied.

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I have other apps center layout and the same code lets me set that background color. There is no reason it shouldn’t be passing that style to the body, regardless of the layout type.

I believe the issue here is that your other apps are on paid plans, but the app you’re testing on is on a free plan.

Free plans do not allow SEO / social metatag optimization. Bubble lumps in any custom HTML in that bucket with regards to free plans.

I independently verified this between a paid app and an unpaid app in my own account. Functioned as intended when using a paid app.

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