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Styles Basic Condition Add Modulo Operator

When using a style for a group element that is used in repeating groups in which you want to use background color changes for when the group is hovered or pressed, the styles tab is great to add those conditionals.

However, if we are using a modulo on the group element when it is in a Repeating Group, the modulo conditional, since it is an element based conditional and not a style based conditional, overrides the style based conditionals of when hovered or pressed, and so the groups that have a background color set based on modulo do not get changed the same way as others that are not affected by modulo.

It would be very helpful to give modulo as a basic conditionality operator available in the styles tab so we don’t need to go through the cumbersome task of setting the same basic conditionality on the elements when modulo conditionals are used on the element.

I was always under the impression that the conditionals were applied to the element from top to bottom. So if you make every other cell a different color based on the modulo in your top conditional, and make any cell change color on hover on the bottom conditional, then you will get the correct results. Is that the issue?

Edit: Oh i see, a style based conditional in the styles tab is overwritten by an element conditional?

Yea, I think if they did add that functionality in the style tab it would have to only be available if that style would only ever be used on an element in a repeating group, otherwise it would throw an error if current cell’s index didn’t exist. So yea a Style for and Element in a Repeating Group would be good.