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Sub-app Facebook + Twitter info should be customizable

In sub-app world, only a handful of app settings are unique to each sub-app. So far this has been sufficient and I’ve been able to customize each sub-app where I need it customized via database elements. However, I noticed today that the Facebook and Twitter details under SEO & Metatags are overwritten upon pushing a sub-app. It is pretty important that each sub-app in my use case has unique info here.

My idea for what should be implemented is a checkbox (visible only when editing a sub-app) that allows an admin to set unique variables here. If left unchecked, the variables stay the default and are overwritten. Ideally many other areas of the settings tab should be customizable (ie not overwritten when pushing a new app) but for now the social info is most important and most noticeable (kind of breaks the illusion of a customized sub-app when my parent app data appears here).

One thought I just had: can this be overwritten in the page dynamic header/script area?

Yes it can be dynamic (but the expression will be copied from the master to the sub apps).

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