Sub grouping within a repeating group


I am new to bubble - its really great. I would like to use it to develop an event app for a conf. I am able to do most of it except i am not able to figure out how to group sessions that fall within same timeslot.

Right now i have setup a table that has both session title and timeslot (in same table).

Please advise how to do this. Following is the screen capture of what i am trying to do (from our exisitng - non-bubble app).


Welcome to Bubble!

You can likely achieve what you’re looking to do by using the “:group by” function within your search results. (Thread on the feature here).

Within your app, for each of the individual conference events, have a field (let’s call it “start time”) that is a date value. Use this field for your group by function.

For the visual setup you’re looking for, you may need to nest a repeating group within the repeating group for displaying the results, where the nested repeating group applies a constraint to match the “start time’s” value of the current group by cell’s value.

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Thanks - i got it.

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