Sub-sort across two data types in a RG

Good day!

I am having trouble determining the proper syntax to sub-sort within a repeating group across two data types. I have two data types, Chapters, and Sections (see below). I am successfully displaying all Chapters and all sections into a single repeating group. It is easy enough to sort the chapters correctly, but I’ve tried a number of permutations to then sort within each chapter the proper order of each chapter’s sections (e.g. title of the chapter, images, text).

I’ve tried both adding another sort field under the Seach for Chapter’s constraints and I’ve also tried adding the Sort expression at the end of the data source in a few different manners to see if I could get it to stick (entirely possible I am just trying the wrong expression here).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I should note - it is easy to miss the bug, as the “sections” naturally seem to sort by creation date, but the UX I provide allows users to re-sort their list of sections within a chapter. It is when this re-sorting happens that you notice the sub-sort breaks (using the methods I tried previously).

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