Subdomain not showing when page is live

I just connected my subdomain, but for some reason it’s not working.

According to domain/email settings in Bubble, everything is connected.

but when I visit:

Can someone help me troubleshoot this? We’re trying to go live in a few hours.

When I preview in development mode, everything looks fine.

I’m connecting this through GoDaddy.

I am not seeing any issue with the shared link :thinking:

@rpetribu strange…is this link working for you?

It’s seems like it’s working on safari when I add only this [with no www.]

On Chrome, I have issues.

Do you think I should also add to my DNS settings in GoDaddy?

There is no “www” before any subdomain :sweat_smile:
The “www” is placed only for the main domains.

Bubble site (Main domain):
Bubble forum (Subdomain):

When I click on my link

I get this:

Try to access it out of your wifi.

Safari it works fine. Google Chrome is the issue, I think it’s automatically adding a www.

Are you using Chrome?

Yes :sweat_smile:

I was able to solve it. Had to delete cookies/cache in Google Chrome :slight_smile:

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