Submit value of checkboxes when Submit button clicked

I have a list of Names in a Repeating Group with checkboxes, I need to submit the value of the checkboxes when the user click the Submit button.

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Save the values on a Custom State as you select / unselect.

What are you trying to save ? Yes / No or a set of values that the user has chosen ?

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@NigelG Sorry I still don’t know how to do that. Do you have an example or could you explain what you mean?


I’m doing a checkout system, I want to checkout multiples items at the same time. When the user click Submit I want the item availability to change to checked out

@NigelG This is very useful to get the tick box’s checked, by saving the value in a custom state of the user who qualifies the search for example… However i am having issues then submitting those entries that are ticked in the RG. I created a workflow to say when the tick box is checked, create a new data entry with multiple current cell values, however this workflow doesnt complete by the checkbox being dynamicly changed looking at the state we set when selecting all. It works when i physically tick the box myself but defeats the point as i am trying to save time by submitting multiple entries… Quite frustrating, as it does tick it, but wont complete my workflow unless i tick it myself! Any thoughts? I know above you have said to save the values on a custom state, but some of those values are dynamic for each line on the repeating group so i don’t think thats possible, as it could be for 10 users, 10 different values based on searches in the repeating group that use varying current cell values for each user. I also tried setting the checkbox to unticked preset and put a conditional rule in to say if current cell user is in the custom state we set to change the preset of the tick box to checked, but same results apply it wont submit the data entry unless i tick it myself even though the custom state populates the tick for me!