Submitting Plugin before creating the demo page?

Hi everyone,
I’ve been building a plugin and I’m trying to publish it but it has been “pending review” for quite some time,
how long is it supposed to take for the bubble team to review a plugin ?
Also, I didn’t create my show page yet as the plugin is not published (I could have used the “test app” feature but it is said to slow down the app which is not what I want for potential buyers, and furthermore I need be able to modify my plugin without it having effects directly on my show page)
Do someone know what I should do ?

From what I’ve seen, it takes the Bubble Team a couple days to a week to approve.

My suggestion would be to clone the plugin and set it as a private, then use that to mitigate the testing issue.

My experience with timings is similar to @lantzgould Most recently one was rejected because 1/ wrong category 2/ demo app was private. However, I corrected those things in 2 minutes of receiving the mail telling me “rejected” and resubmitted and it was then approved within 20 minutes.


Well I kept hope thanks to your messages and it worked exactly as you describe (on the third attempt…,) it’s amazing how reactive they are when the plugin is fixed quickly !