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Hi Everyone, I’m new to bubble so please forgive me if this is the wrong way going about asking for help

I would like to add a subscribe button to the automated blog I’ve built for my website, can you tell me how I do this in walkthrough format aswel as the backend capturing the data

Thankyou for you help :slight_smile:

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Sure, very easy you have show user an input with a subscribe button. make that button only clickable if input is not empty.

once enter his email and click on that button add it inside database as entity : subscriber and then atlease ontime send a confirmation email with a button to user so user confirm it he subscribed for blog newslatter.

letter just send the email to user.

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If , i am not sounding correct , maybe i am not understanding you specific case, do ping me. would love to help.

one time if you use MailChimp like 3rd party app, can help you build the connection with it.

without any charge :smiley:

Thank you, is there a way I could possibly integrate it with hub spot as thats where my website subscribers point

Here’s a hubspot official plugin
You can try it