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.Subscribe (dot subscribe) - subscribe not firing SSA server side action plugin

In a SSA Plugin function running Node.js

In my function, I am generating a QR code. The user then scans the QR code with a mobile wallet app. There is a subscribe function that waits for that connection and then calls an API.

The subscribe is not waiting. This works in regular Node.js locally - any thoughts on how to make it work?

This is the code. I get the QR code returned just fine - the subscribe is what doesn’t happen.

function(properties, context) {
    const { Client, UserAccount } = require("@xact-wallet-sdk/client");
    const axios = require('axios')
    // set keys
    const apiKey = context.keys['XACTKEY'];
    let err
        let response = context.async(async callback => {
    	try {
            /* Create a new instance of Client */
   			const client = new Client({apiKey});
            /* Init the connection */
            await client.initConnexion();
            /* Generate a QR Code */
            qrCode = await client.generateQRCode();
             // data to be sent to the POST request
           await'',{accountid: 'TEST ACCOUNT ID outside', qrcode: qrCode})  
           /* Subscribe to new Connections */
           client.connect().subscribe(userconnection => {
     '',{accountid: 'INSIDE ACCT: ' + userconnection.toString()}) 
            callback(null, qrCode)

        } catch {

return  {"returned-qrcode" : response}


I get the QR code just fine - show it on screen - scan with the app, but subscribe is probably not waiting…