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I am trying to build a clone of instagram in order to strengthen my skills. I have modeled their Email and SMS tab along with the check box features they have implemented.

What I am struggling with is being able to make it so when the user selects the check boxes the app responds and actually allows the user to get the different type of email notifications.
With instagram for example when you select a one of those check boxes you will get signed up for notifications however on my application all that happens is the check box is marked.
My goal is to make it so that you select one of the boxes or more and then you do receive those updates not just a simple check mark.

Do you have fields in Users table to store values of those checkboxes?. Those fields must be of yes/no type. When user checks a box, change it to yes and vice versa.

For Reminder emails, you need to have some Backend API to send emails to those users who checked that corresponding checkbox.

For Product and News emails, you need to send them manually to those users who checked those corresponding checkboxes.

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Thank you for the help!

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