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Subscription Workflow Help Please

Hi Everyone can anyone offer advice everyone says they can help then, ask for money I just need some advice.

I have a subscription model I need the customers package to reset each month, after the initial purchase date e.g 10 hours per month, until customer cancels one day in the future so there no end date.

Each month when stripe captures the payment , I need the hours to reset to 10hours even if they do don’t use all the Horus in the previous month it can not carry over. payment successful - reset hours to 10 , payment unsuccessful - hours 0, If they cancel or stripe payment was unsuccessful I need the reset hours to be 0

Can anyone help me ? I’m using stripe web hooks I just need to know what to do exactly and conditions which will be needed please.


Just run a workflow on successful payment that resets their hours to 10 (assuming you have a number field for the users hours).

If a payment fails then set the hours to 0.

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