Subtracting the sums of two values in repeating group

I have a repeating group with two number fields in each row… I want to take the sum of each field in the repeating group… No problem… However, I then want to subract the two sums from each other… So I took the formula for each sum and put a minus sign between them such as

Inc Stream Repeating Group’s List of IncStreamGets’s Monthlyincome:sum - Inc Stream Repeating Group’s List of IncStreamGets’s Monthlyexpense:sum

Problem is that it is interpreting the minus sign as a character and just putting the first sum then a ‘-’ then the second sum… How can I get these two to subtract correctly?

Solved - Created several hidden input fields where I made each piece of the calculation separately and then used those to get final answer instead of trying to get one giant calculation.

What was the solution?

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