Success CallBack URL - Backend Workflow - Update Order

Hi! I’m trying to learn how to use a success call back url with my app.

I have created an api endpoint in my backend workflows, and tested that endpoint OpenNodes webhook checker, it went through successfully and I was able to also get the data passed through successfully on the bubble side too.

I just ran the opennode transaction and it did pass but the status didn’t update on my end.

Attached are how I have this structured in my Backend. If anyone can look at this and contribute I would be so appreciative as this problem has been stumping me and haven’t found any useful info in the forum on this yet.


This video solved this problem for me:

After watching figured it out np! check out the video if you have this problem.

You need to detect the data.

  1. Press Detect Data
  2. Go to the location you tested before and send a call
  3. Then the data should be displayed in popup for you to ‘map’ the data detected
  4. Then you can set up the actions to use the detected data.

Yep had that part down from the get go.

Was just a stupid mistake on my part I believe I had privacy rules blocking the things from running. and also learned that when you link you callback success url to delete the “initalize” at the end.

Thanks for trying to help though! I figured it out from that video linked above.

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