Suggestion function by AI from Database

I’m creating an app that provides music and time for self-reflection according to the user’s psychological state and preferences.

Among these, building a database of users’ emotion, the music they like to listen to at the time, their review of songs, and each user’s song preferences. Besides, i’m planning to add a function that uses AI to suggest appropriate songs from that database.

Currently, we are building the following database (users, their state of mind that day, their emotions, the songs they listened to and what they felt, the songs they selected, and their impressions when listening to the songs).

sorry it has some japanese items.

In addition to allowing users to select songs, I want to display songs as “recommend” in RG.

I would be happy if you could tell me which plugin (OpenAI or other Plugin) I should use, how to install it, and the RG workflow.

Thank you for your cooperation.