Suggestions for Improving Checkout + User Onboarding


I’m looking for suggestions and ideas on improving my checkout + on-boarding experience.

My app currently relies on two methods.

1. An in-app sign up.
2. An embedded Stripe Pricing table.

The in-app sign up is simple enough. When a new user signs up, they create an account for the app, and an account for Stripe, and are taken to their app account’s homepage.

I’m a little iffy on the pricing table. While I love how clean it looks and how easy it is to just put on a page, it’s not the smoothest UX. When a user completes a checkout session via the pricing table, a backend workflow creates their app account, creates their Stripe account, and sends them a magic link for a passwordless sign-in. But this means they’d have to leave the app, go into their email, find the link, and use it to login. A lot of extra steps. Also, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes the link signs them in, other times it won’t.

I have a feeling that the solution is to just build my own pricing table within Bubble as a reusable element, but I like to play around and explore other options. Also, I look the look of Stripe’s payment page.

So, what are some of the best checkout + onboarding setups you’d suggest or how would you suggest I improve the current one I’m using with the embed?

Thank you