Suggestions Wanted: A Way to Have a Watched Folder (on local system) and Automatically Upload Files that Appear There

So, I’m driving today, but had an idea that I can’t Google around for… So, fellow Bubblers, any suggestions as to how to have a watched folder in the local machine and upload files that are saved there automagically to one’s app?

It is not necessary that this happen offline. Let us assume the app is open in a browser window, but not necessarily focused.

Pointers to any libraries, clever hacks, etc. appreciated.

I’ll drive safely, you be creative. Thanks!


Just throwing some pontentials out there.


This may require more dependencies in third party apps than you are looking for, but you could user a service like Dropbox to sync your local folder to dropbox, then set up a webhook to your bubble app.

Not sure on the logistics but that is the first thing that came to mind for me.


Yeah, this is what I would recommend (and is also what I’m doing).

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Thanks for the interesting and thoughtful suggestions!

Dropbox (or some other and a webhook hadn’t occurred to me and that’s a very interesting “no code” type of solution. Clever!

@Kfawcett: looks like there’s a lot of packages for this and also that node (and JS) itself without any help has pretty good capabilities for this sort of thing. Thanks for the pointer.

Being lazy-ish with this type of stuff, I was rather hoping someone might chime in with a bit of script and a good-natured, “Here’s how it’s done, ding-dong.”

Would love to hear from anyone else who has tackled this idea, as well! Love the creativity here.

If your on a Mac you can take a look at Hazel or Keyboard Maestro. You can see them as nocode tools to let stuff happening on your computer.

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