Sum by columns in a Repeating group for data loading from external API

I’m showing in each cell of a repeating group the result of an api call, that is the exchange to a concrete currency.
At the bottom of the repeating group, I would like to show the sum of the amounts per currency exchange but I’m failing to do that. Could you help me to achieve the following, please? In red

I have been able to achieve the following for now:

So, in the database I have the following organisation of data:

  1. Account
  • current amount
  • currency exchanges (List of Currency Exchange)
  1. Currency exchange:
  • amount
  • from
  • to

So, for example

  1. for the first in the list Monzo USD, 5000USD, its list of Currency Exchange is the following:
    [(5000, usd, usd), (5000, usd, eur)]
  2. Cash eur, 5000:
    [(5000, eur, usd), (5000, eur, eur)]

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