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Sum of 2 dates in reapting group

In one type I have 2 fileds that date types.
now in a reapting group I want to show the darution of time from the fields in minutes and I dont know how to transfer it from date to minutes and to do the sum.

You are trying to sum the dates or the dates as minute??

The minutes differences,
like X was 11:05 and Y was 13:08 I want to show in the reapting group: 123. ( 2 hours and 3 minutes)

Oh… ok :+1:

To transform your time in minutes you can use the command :extract to extract the hour and minutes.

So, if the time is 12:30 you can do:

Time:extract hour * 60 + Time:extract minute

The result will be 720 + 30 = 750

its not + its -
im doing the 13:08-11:05

I was just showing how to transform time in minutes… do what I said for time1 and time2.

After it, just do the operation with the result…