Sum Repeating Group Fields, Conditional on Second Field


I have a repeating group for payments towards a simple order invoice. Inside that RG I have the payment date, amount, type (card, bank account, etc.), and status.

I can sum the payment amounts just fine, but how should I sum these amounts only if the item’s “status” is ‘succeeded’ (or other text value)?

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 2.14.17 PM

Some payment methods, such as ACH bank payments, can be ‘pending’ for 3+ days, so don’t want to show the “Remaining Balance: $0” until they have fully settled (and changed to status = ‘succeeded’).


Group 5

Thanks–I figured it was a simple solution! Sometimes I just get lost in all the various dropdown options when dealing with multiple complex data sources.

Very helpful to have such a quick response.

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