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Summary Email Notifications with Postmark batches

I’ve been looking all over for this, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. I imagine it would be a pretty common thing people do, so I’m sure others have done it before.

I want to give people the option to get an email summary of the activity they missed or instant emails as things happen. I got the instant email working, but what I’m having a hard time with is getting the summary to work.

I feel like part of this is just delaying the sending of the emails, or maybe adding them into the database with a field “Sent” (yes/no). At the time the email is ready to send it will send all that have Sent No.

How do I send multiple notifications to one email with postmark?

It looks like the Comment Template has code with {{each}} tags, but I’m not sure how to use those coming from Bubble.

Does anyone know of tutorials on this, or have experience themselves? Thank you in advance.

Hey there @eric10,

One of my favorite newsletters I’ve received from @jamesdevonport was just for this: weekly summary emails!


This is great! I’ll have to look over it.

Thank you.