Supabase Plugin - Integrate Supabase into your Bubble app

Hi @romain.olekhnovitch ,

I’m thinking that this could be a good feature to add to the plugin: a kind of “Update local” action that allows updating the data locally (row). Then, when you’re ready with the update, you can simply call the “Update” action.

You can already do something similar for bulk data (List) with the Bulk state and the “Add item to bulk data” action.

Bulk demo

I’ll check this and let you know if I could implement a better alternative than using custom state in a later version.

Have a great day too!

Having some issues with the user authentication - when I sign up I don’t see the status message? Also, same with the sign in page!

Hi @anuj.chadha284!

By default, users need to confirm their emails. So, you’ll need to call the “Verify OTP” action in order to log in.

If this is disabled, then you should get the user session right after signing up.
You can update this settings on: Authentication > Providers > Emails.

Let me know if that works for you!

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Hey Nass,

Super helpful! meant on the status code - how do I get the alert flashing up depending on whether the User has been signed up successfully fully / not?

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You can start workflows based on events triggered by the auth component:

  • Signed up
  • Signed up error
  • Sign in
  • Sign in error


The plugin also parses authentication errors on signup and sign in. You can get the error details from the states:

  • Error code
  • Error slug

You can retrieve the specific code and slug values here: Authentication - Docs

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