Support for Multiple Users with Multiple clients


I need help understanding how to structure my data in Bubble to support the following workflow.

Our app can have multiple users and each user has their own set of clients.

  1. When a user logs in they navigate to a dashboard where they see all of their existing clients (SOLVED)
  2. A user can then click on an individual client in the dashboard to manipulate sets of data that pertains to that client alone. i.e. the user is taken to a forms that should be filled in and data stored at the client data

I have having issues understanding how to model the data to know what it should only display info the current users’ current client (that was clicked)

Any help is appreciated.


You need to focus on the difference between a page user and current user. If you set your forms to focus on the page user, you can send the data from the dashboard to the page as part of your workflow. Hope that helps!