Support needed: How to invite users to connected facebook groups via clicking on a button / link

Hi all,

as for my tool I am trying to build an online community (and I currently have achieved quite a some ongoing network traffic), I would like to invite all users (that spend some time on my page) to be invited by a pop-up to join a facebook group, which I have connected to my company’s facebook page (by clicking on an embedded link / button).
For this I have been provided (by facebook) some embed code, which I can embed on my page to directly invite users into this group (by following the link embedded). The “problem” is just, that I am using bubble, where I do not have direct access to each page’s individual source code.
What I have done so far is creating a pop-up to appear to users after some time they have spent on the page. I would now somehow like to include text + “join group” button into the pop-up. The problem is just: by the embedded functions in bubble, I can only share events and / or like them from my page. I have not seen any function to join a group via a bubble function (and obviously cannot use the embed code).
Would anyone be aware of a solution / plugin to join defined facebook groups by clicking a button?

Thank you :slight_smile: