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Support platform for sale - integration with Trello/Stripe

Hi fellow developers,

I have a support system for sale built on Bubble that allows you to accept work from customers. The platform is integrated with Trello to generate cards for each task created by a customer along with notifications and stripe metered billing based on usage.

The reason selling is that we’ve changed our focus to more long-term projects and not ad-hoc related. We’ve served approx 7 customers so far through this platform without any issues. I’d love to see this project grow rather than doing nothing atm as we’ve closed down registration. We have never done any advertising publicly.

Some functionalities from the back of my mind:

  • Stripe usage based billing
  • Scheduled auto-completion of tasks
  • Integration with Trello
  • Notification messages
  • Signup functionality along with Stripe membership and billing portal management (from stripe)
  • Administrator panel

Please note, this is a very rough application built specifically for it’s use-case and might be lacking in terms of administrator management and communication within the platform, that’s the reason we’ve integrated Trello in the first place, which allowed us to push this live.

Integration support only provided on an hourly rate, some parts in the app are quickly hacked together just to make it functional.

Domain name is, you’ll receive the domain as well. Selling price is disclosed on Private Messaging once we’ve verified your interest.