Surely there is a simple way to copy pages?

OK, so I am now running a couple of apps on bubble and I am getting a lot of feature requests etc so I have spent the last 2+ weeks building a one page app that that will manage all of this… this single page app works perfectly and it is easily some of my best work!

So… I have created all of the necessary data points in both apps. I’ve double checked them and triple checked them and now it’s time to get this baby live.

However, instead of working I get almost 1,000 errors because bubble is unable to map the data fields (even though the structure is exactly the same) or the options sets.

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Now if this was a case of having to match everything up again then that would be a travesty but all of the filters are also broken which means that the app pretty much needs to be built from scratch for each instance.

This surely cannot be right?

Other than rebuilding this app each time what are my options?

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To copy a page: Click on “add new page” then choose its name and which page you want to clone (copy).

To copy an app: Go to your apps page, and click on copy under your desired app then choose its name.


You can also do Edit > Clone from the page you want to copy (clone)

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Sorry… I don’t think you get it. Maybe I didn’t explain it properly.

Cloning an app just creates another stand alone version of the the app. I want to copy this single page app into both of my existing apps.

Cloning a page only allows you to clone a page within the same app… I want to copy a single page app from one instance and paste it into others without having to rebuild it from scratch each time.


I’m new with Bubble, but can’t you make if your single page a reusable component that will be available for any app in your account?
Maybe by grouping all components of this single page together.

I can copy the entire page with a single click and all of the workflows come with it but then I need to rebuild all of the filters and map what initially looks like 1,000 errors but as you fix one error they multiply… the most I have seen so far is almost 1500 errors.

This is a severe limitation on bubbles part because it seems apparent that you can’t build digital reusable assets between apps even if the data structure is identical.

It wouldn’t be that hard to fix (famous last words from a guy that has no understanding how bubble has been developed) by creating a screen that showed up whenever there was a missing data point… it could allow you to map to an existing field or skip. Exactly the same as when you import records via a spreadsheet.

This doesn’t happen and it breaks everything in the process.

So you want to clone page A from app A to page x in app B?
How should bubble know if and what database types from app A corresponds with the new page in a completely different app?

Well if the data structure is exactly the same (which it is) then in all honesty it should just simply work… however the option I mentioned above would be a solution.

It’s clearly a limitation of the platform the more I look into this and it means that as a developer I am unable to create digital assets that I can reuse in other projects.

But if the complete data structure is the same, that implies that the app itself is the same, so what’s the purpose of copy pasting a single page?

In all fairness, what you are asking for is not as simple as it sounds. Say a single field or privacy rule was not EXACTLY the same in each app, how should bubble know what to do? If large portions of an app is to be reused in a different app, I would simply copy the whole app, delete unwanted stuff and continue.

Maybe I’m missing something so please give an example of what you are trying to accomplish.

I can create a video showing you the problem if you like but I already have two live apps and some of their needs are the same e.g. I have a large number of development requests for both so I have built a simple system that can handle the requests. However, there is no simple way to copy this system into each app.

It’s a pain in the backside because I went to great length to include everything into a single page so that it would be easier to copy to the apps… this now appears to have worked against me.

I have also started other projects in the manner… i.e. both require a quoting function etc but I will be unable to copy these across either.

This means that on bubble it’s impossible to build digital assets that can be reused across jobs and the only solution would be to either rebuild these each time (if the app you want to add this function to already exists) or create a single app that includes all features and then delete off the features that you don’t need.

If we have the function to import data and map the correct fields then I am at a loss as to why this doesn’t happen for digital assets.

From a business perspective it means that we are unable to benefit from the compounded benefit of producing assets on bubble.


I completely agree with your complaint and have experienced the same limitation.

The same applies to copying elements from one page to another Within the same app even if you have the exact same custom states on both pages. I had over 1,000 issues as well when I did this a while back. Very tedious and unnecessary.


Ok, I see your point and agree that it would be nice for specific use cases.
For that to be feasible I think bubble would somehow need to copy the db schema for the copied objects as well, and paste that schema into the new app, then parse/check if part of the existing schema contains the copied schema and reuse that if it does. Not at all impossible, but not easy to program either, and there could easily be a conflict that you would not recognize before it’s too late. Although I have 3 apps myself with several reused components between them, this has somehow not been a major issue for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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