[📋 SURVEY] Bubble's new price plan research

I have 12 non-profit clients currently on “Personal” plans for their organizational websites.

One is a school that uses this for their parking lot, another is a food pantry that tracks client visits. Both of those apps have over 45k records in less than 18 months of use.

Both organizations are rather small, rather local - and both have almost more than DOUBLE the 25,000 records. Neither organization will see the value in $200 more in Bubble a month for the same thing they’ve been paying before ($200 buys a lot of food for their clients).

Sadly, I doubt they will be open to paying for a app rebuild to make it record-light… Anyway, I haven’t ran the number for the apps I manage on a bigger plan because when I realized ALL of the first 10 personal plans I checked were over the limit.

In some quick looking since this second time I’ve been woken up by wildly different changes to the pricing, I’m finding this time that there are some other solutions out there with literally Netflix-style pricing. Because I think most of us understand that Bubble doesn’t really need to charge this way; we’re techy enough to understand that we manage our own projects better to avoid making our clients unhappy.

Bubble may have shot themselves in the foot here … I didn’t leave to another alternative when they doubled prices about 18 months ago, but since then the competition has grown quite a bit and there are numerous viable alternatives that don’t seem to be set on charging me a penny for every page load.

Seems the Bubble team has been enjoying a few too many beers with the investors, and forgot the lessons they supposedly learned during the initial “we’re changing pricing” (so much for making technology accessible)


On my current system that I use I have over 1 million records, I was hoping to change this over to bubble, now I will be reconsidering.


I am pretty sure that their research does not reflect the reality!

Everyone will be forced to move out or move to Production plan. If not now, in a while. I doubt that there is any regular long-term (+6 months) app with less then 30k rows in database. This is insane.

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If you look around, Bubble did this not very long ago - I think it was late 2019 when they did a very similar huge pricing change.

I am personally frustrated, because many times when I have reached out about performance issues on apps, Bubble’s support team suggested I break records up – something I had as one “thing” would become 10 or 15 things. That made the app faster, but now makes the app extremely costly on their own pricing adjustment…

Based on today’s announcement, I would no longer recommend bubble.


So for each of those apps your clients hosting cost goes from $25 a month to $320 a month and they see no tangible benefits. How exactly does Bubble expect us to try and justify this to clients and not be looked at as insane?


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Professional Plan app that has been Live on Bubble for over 5 years - since Sept 2016!

Over 210,000 data items with the rate of data being created doubling each year. Without a very reasonable ‘additional data’ pricing model this makes Bubble completely unusable going forward


This would just make both of my applications unfeasible.

My first app is an accounting App for Small and medium businesses. And we expect them to add 50 to 100 Invoices daily. So this means that I have to increase my customer pricing every month as they create new record. I cant delete old invoices from the system. Think of how much would it cost to serve one customer in a year.

My second App integrates with Shopify and we pull in the products. Sometimes they have over 10,000 products in their db and in charging them $9 per month.

I need to start looking at alternative solution which promises no charging on db record limits.


Looking at the main post from Emmanuel it seems to be unanimous that this change will benefit only Bubble, as it will force everyone to pay more. NONE of the users approved or understood the changes.

Everyone felt harmed. I have never seen a plot twist like this:


Thanks for posting this. I think that this will make sense to those making pricing decisions. Here is my one sole application that is deployed to live since about 2019/2020:

Actual plan: Legacy Personal ($16/month)
Total lines in database (approximately): 59,600

I will have to migrate from the Legacy Personal Plan ($16/month) to the Production Plan ($320/month) - or potentially Professional at $115/month and pay for overages. Either way not a great change nor one that I can sustain.


is this a joke? for 5000 rows we need to pay $25 per month. I would definitely switch my app to another provider. if they are saying 5000 objects (data columns) make sense. not on the number of rows. I have a bible application, 35000 rows just one language, end up paying huge amount to just stay on the plan. I am paying additional charges for the mobile app. Make no sense.

It is important bubble explain what they men “things” so that we all can exit the platform systematically.


Main App that I have on personal plan: 100k Rows!

Building another which may get about 50K very easily!


Been building for over a year a SaaS that will go live in the upcoming weeks… Following Bubble’s recommandation our database is split up in different tables. To us, the new pricing makes Bubble COMPLETELY unusable…

To say that this announcement is a hit in the balls is a complete understatement.


I don’t think the basing it off of their current users database things is a lie. I think it’s intentionally/unintentionally misleading.

If you have 100 total apps and 95% are on the free plan and can’t create more than 200 records or many are websites that require little to no database of course your numbers will show 200k records on top plan is a lot but to think it’s a good deal let alone sustainable is laughable.

Maybe they want to go more front end only and less management of databases? Who knows but for whatever reason it may be At least tell us instead giving us new plans that by industry and competition standards is insulting to everyone who is now stuck with countless wasted hours and products that have to be rebuilt elsewhere.


plan: professional
Release date: 01/01/2021
Number of users: 15
Recordings: 200105
Storage: 27mo


Your have to considerate that:

  1. The founders ARE DEVELOPERS. So they know, better than anyone, that the database limitation presented was outrageous.
  2. It is expected that apps in the free plan (that not even can go live) and well as those who are abandoned be removed from this “research”.
  3. Non of the power users were contacted.

So, what a s**** research was that?!


Note: I’m about to launch my app. I just have test data currently

Actual Plan: Personal
Total lines in database (approx): 1,500

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Would love to get some numbers on this survey available to all too. Puts economics in focus around the current pricing plans.

The new pricing suggestion is just ridiculous. Based on the current usage for my largest app and the statistics in the settings, the CPU usage never goes above 3% of capacity and the file storage is 60MB as I am mainly storing text which would equate to over 350k records and a gigantic price increase if that pricing were to go ahead.

How is this app which was built into the confines of the existing pricing to be efficient and run most processes outside of Bubble a drain on the system? There is absolutely no benefit of the proposed but now shelved pricing and to add insult to injury, the email was claiming it was the same or lower price point, that really hurt my trust.


Look the results here
You can see what the bubblers want !!