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Swaggpuppy Department Management Systems

Swaggpuppy has been a project over a year in the making and started when I turned to an alternative to the typical Google Sheets roster systems. I personally have spent a massive amount of time within Google Sheets creating countless different systems for communities. I have made and managed department management systems and rosters for DOJRP Civilian Operations, NCRP, and ORP. I’ve been around the block with this idea and looked for a better solution.

My goal is to open the doors to a professional system to manage your departments. Managing departments shouldn’t be difficult or bogged down by Google Sheet restrictions and the original implementation of such system.

DM me on Discord if you are interested

Hello! I love the whole concept of the application. Though now a days, people tent to not remember that everyone doesn’t have the same page resolution. With that being said, the application looks messed up for me. Not sure what your resolution is. Again. I think the whole application is great and good work!

Amazing work! Love the idea and thought behind it. Keep the good work up!

That’s one thing that I have been wanting to work on but I never got around to it. Would you have any idea on a better way of managing that besides requesting users to zoom out on their resolution. Zooming out will fix the issue, but it’s not seemless.