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Swipe to Workflow Action - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Hey Nic, and Patricia,
yes, the app was in private state, we forgot to change it to “read-only”, no you can access the editor to see how the workflows are set up.
when you tried the demo page on desktop, did you try with swiping a touch screen device?

Thanks @levon - My desktop/laptop is not touch screen so I did not test it as you asked. I can get it to work on mobile but it still appears not to work on desktop/laptop so I’m guessing this plugin works only for touch screen and will not detect a drag type action with a mouse. Is that correct?

that’s correct, it won’t detect mouse dragging, it’s only for touch screen devices

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Hi @levon, this is a great plugin! Any chance to have this work by ID someday? Because right now if I understand correctly we can’t use this for when we have different things to swipe on the same page (like an RG of things).

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Hi Lucien,
we’ll implement and I’ll update soon


That would be really interesting, swipting an RG … love it !!!

Done, we published an update and now it’s possible to track swipes on specific elements

That was fast! Have you already used this for your clients? Can this help get webview-based apps approved in the Apple AppStore?

We didn’t have chance to use it for our clients :slight_smile:
Yes, it might help you get approved in the Appstore because they care about the UX of the app - it should look native, and swipe actions may help achieving that.

we made a gif to demo this plugin

Hi @levon
Are the swipes recognised on a group which live inside the cell of a repeating group?
I couldn’t get that to work, but using the ElementID of a group that is outside the RG seems to work fine.

Wondered if it were just me or not.

@pork1977gm Paul we’ll check this out and my colleague will help you out

meanwhile we have implemented this:

so now it works dragging with a mouse as well.


Many thanks, helpful as always :slight_smile:


At the moment that’s how it works. This plugin is simply tracking whenever the screen is swiped , and fires custom events. Right now it tracks the swipes on a page, but it can be changed to track swipes on specific elements by indicating their element IDs.
Also we added functionality for mouse dragging as well for non touch devices.

Hope this helps.


Interesting plugin, and I’m wondering if it can be used for the following:

  1. Relating Group individual elements. I’m thinking “swipe to show edit” or delete buttons etc. (For a cell)
  2. Swipe to bring out menu. This would be useful on mobile. For example a dashboard with icons on the left, and swipe right to display textual meaning for those icons.

Hi Matt,

Yes for 1 and 2. Designed for mobile > You can create the perfect Bubble mobile apps.

It costs nothing to try a monthly plugin, because you can unsubscribe the same day.

Thanks. I’m take a look.


Regarding RG, can I define an action for each group in the RG?

For example: if I show a users tasks in a RG, can I define a “swipe left” task completion action in order to add to the database that the user completed this specific task?


Hello @shay152

Unfortunately it is not possible to define each individual cell an unique ID for plugin to make the action.
Thanks for understanding.

Zeroqode Team

Got it. Thanks. For the info.