Swipes - unable to display user data when criterias are met

Hi, I’m making a Swipes feature where each user can set a preferred talent and passion, which the matched user will have. For example, if I set the preferred talent to Business and preferred passion to Art, other people who have their own talent as Business and/or their own passion to Art, will show up on the Swipes group.
Note: Each user can have multiple talents and passions. Only one of them have to match between the user’s preferred talents/passions and the other user’s talents/passions.
I’ve already created the necessary data and fields.
I’ve filtered the users so that it fits the criterias:

However, when I previewed the app and created some dummy users, filling their talents and passions. Then, I logged in to an another account and put those talents and passions in the preferred talents/passions. When I view the Swipes group, no user showed up whatsoever. Please help me solve this.

If i get you well :
you have to search for Users
and constraints
NameOfTalents is in Current User 'NameOfTalents
NameOfPassion is in Current User 'NameOfPassion
Don’t forget to check ignore empty constraints.

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