Switch Between 2 Pages On 1

Hi guys, wondering if we can achieve this in Bubble:

  1. Contents from various pages are stored in Databases #1 and #2
  2. User goes to one single page where he can select which data to review. He can select Option #1 or Option #2
  3. Page layout & results shows up based on user selected option (Option #1 and # 2 has different page layout & results)
  4. To drill deeper into each Option user selects more variations from dropdown boxes available with each option.

And if this is possible to achieve, how would you rate this task in terms of complexity, 0 (easy) to 10 (difficult) ?

Attaching visual to demonstrate.

Thanking in advance!

There’s lot of way you can achieve this. Group hide feature and all sort of way. As for database - you can pull data out from different element. Just a thought process -

View 1 - database 1 is retrieved in repeating group 1.

View 2 - database 2 is retrieved in repeating group 2.

A button element - to control the workflow of switching between view 1 and view 2.

I mean if you ask me its not so complex. In fact, there is a lot of template that offer this kind of switching between view.

Awesome, thank you!!!

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