Switching App Domain to www. Version - Will it effect anything?

Anything domain-related is a major change and rankings shift around quite a bit on google.

But within the app, will anything be broken or affected if we switch the app domain to include the “www.” prefix in the Settings tab?

i.e. will the non www. version automatically redirect to the www. version?

@eve if possible can you please address this one for us?

Usually a platform has a feature that allows you to set a preference.

i.e. www. or non www. or no preference at all (3 settings) with the latter creating a duplicate content issue with Google and as such isn’t recommended (Google will consider ranking the www. and non www. version of the website if no preference set)

SO, this leads me to my question, if we set the domain to include the www. in the settings/domain screen, will non www. traffic AUTOMATICALLY 301 redirect to the corresponding page with the www.?

The main thing I’m trying to address is whether or not the 301 redirect will be automatically set if we add the www. to the domain. We need to be sure to preserve our google rankings and the 301 redirect to the new page is the way to achieve this.

Still, I think that a drop down menu with a preference is an important feature to have like most other hosted platforms (ex. shopify).

Redirects will work, but so far what we’ve seen:

  • files uploaded to s3 get prefixed with the domain, and in some cases the files have to be renamed (from domain.com/.../filename to www.domain.com/.../filename) to properly load after changing domains
  • Session tokens sometimes get “stuck”—users logged in before domain change can’t log in or log out
  • On some registrars (broadly speaking, those that use cpanel), a 301 redirect at the registrar level will not be able to offer the correct certificate name when redirecting https://domain.com to https://www.domain.com. This isn’t an issue if your DNS provider supports ALIAS records, since bubble will perform the redirection in this case.

We have been weighing these issues for a while, and while we do have partial fixes/workarounds to all of them, the entire situation hasn’t been satisfying for either us or you. We’ve been working on a long-term fix that will make these issues go away, so if you can wait to switch over for a couple weeks, we should have a better solution then.

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