Switching out API

We have a fully built Bubble MVP, but need to replace our current Placid.app integration with Design Huddle api due to limitations with Placid.app. Design Huddle integrates similarly to Placid.app, which i hope will simplify development

We’re registered with Design Huddle and they are ready to support our developer. Phone contact is preferred for coordination.

The task involves:

Switching from Placid.app to Design Huddle.

Testing to ensure it works well with our Bubble workflows and user access.

We aim to complete this in 2 weeks. I would like to get a quote for services of this project specifically and what ongoing maintenance of my app would look like?

You will need to provide more details of your app to get any kind of quote for this. It could be anything from one API call to dozens that need to be configured in your app.

There generally wouldn’t be any ongoing maintenance if set up using the API Connector, other than if DesignHuddle changes their API specification (which they would notify you about).

Hey Matthew, how are you?

I’ve experience in API Connections and Plugin Builder and i can work with you.

I’ve knowledge in code before bubble too.

Heres my Linkedin → https://www.linkedin.com/in/antoniomldev/

I am glad to talk with you. I sent PM too.


Just a note, if you were to use the API connector to integrate Design Huddle with multiple accounts, your access key will become visible on the client side. Unless your purpose is to use this in the back-end of your application, I recommend avoiding this practice.

Using server-side plugin action workflows is the most secure way to handle this task.

If you have only one account to manage, you have the option to mark the authorization key as private, if the key doesn’t require refreshment.