Switching users from standard login to Google only login

Hi everyone,

Actually, my login and account creation use the base system of Bubble.
I’d like to change that all users will be forced to use Google and Facebook login and account creation.

The reason is that I have a lot of users that pay they subscription, but send their login information to their colleagues, and I’d like to kill that behavior. It won’t be perfect and fully secure, but it should highly restrict them to transmit their information.

And yes, to prevent your questions : some users may complain and I may loose a bit of people, however I loose more actually by letting people send their infos to their colleagues (to give you an example, one of them sent his login info to 16 colleagues…)

So my question now : what would be the best way to force actual users to “reconnect” though Google or Facebook? Is that even possible?

Hey @fusionten,

Good question! My approach would to be:

  1. Send email communication letting your customers know you’re doing this

  2. Provide them a buffer to make changes

In terms of executing the technicalities of it. For users who don’t already have their Google account connected and only have an email and password login, I would recommend sending them a magic link so they can login and then force them to connect with Google before you let them access your app.

Note that magic links are only active for 24 hours though, so I recommend adding a way to resend them too.

I hope that’s helpful!

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