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Synchronising 2 scrolling RG

Like most e-commerces, I’d like to have the secondary rg responding to the first RG which is a single scrolling cell (I tried fix number of cell using swipe detector to go next page but not working).

I have Orchestra plugin installed but still not figured out how I could extract the cell index value or setting state for each cells…

The problem is referring to the current cell index in the Main RG after scrolling to the new cell. Then sending this data which could be done with Orchestra or “when a condition is true” maybe.

Not sure if plugins: List shifter, bdk rg, toolbox(list of numbers) would be useful.

It’s quite easy at first though. Just cannot refer to current cell index from outside the main RG even with orchestra… having hard time to understand how to use it while interacting with a simple free swipe detector plugin that doesn’t seem to trigger anything.

May be best to do this with pagination.

However, there are repeating group detect tools that detect scrolling, if you can get the index of the top cell you can use an event detection to scroll the bottom to corresponding cell automatically.

Or use the rg scroll detector and use JS to scroll the second rg the same value as the detected value.

I’m not 100% either of those will work but it’s the best I got off the top of my head without testing.

Well if you point me a free plugin I’ll go for it but seems only paid ones available. Just need to have eventListener get the number of entry of that Rg seen in viewport and have a variable talk to the second rg.

You’ll likely need to use a paid one.

That’s disappointing for something that at first sight looks this basic.

Been 2 days on this…

You could build your own plug-in or do it with JS for free.

Otherwise you’re paying to save yourself the hassle.

Yeah been trying all day to do it with js. But I never learn coding so trying to assemble pieces of code and them work take time :joy: so I’m asking for insights on the forum because not much infos about this here…

Still don’t get why can’t we just refer to index cell/elements inside scrollable RG when outside.

Well just figuring out how to make the fixed cell RG scroll with touchmove/touchstart would do too.

Sending you a DM

Some code here

Thanks for the offer

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