Syntax after cointains API Filter list

I need help in understanding the syntax in this API call constrains.
Why after contains, I cannot give a single value, but instead the Bubble asks me for a statement.
What is more, when I give a statement it is still seen as invalid.
What should the syntax be?
The response element is a JSON string, but don’t know how to view it.

Which part are you asking about?

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Thanks Adam!

I am talking about:
event sensorAD contains Arbitrary text
Why cannot I just give a text, which is checked for? Why do I need a statement?

What type of field is event sensorAD?

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It’s a group of items (formatted in JSON way, when you go to the raw text call).

In ideal world - I would like to export the data in form of sets like: Door 1 - close with items from a higher tier, but here I failed.
So now I just want to look for 1 status (arbitrary text - sensor name) and later I wanted to look if I can get it’s description.

Generally if anybody knows the resource where I can learn more how to match API responses so I can generate data more like tables / set of data - I am very open to explore this :slight_smile:

I don’t see the event sensorAD field there…

In any case - what does the issue checker say - it’s clearly a type mismatch…

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This event list is event sensor AD - this event (list). I covered to much data with white boxes :slight_smile:

What does the issue checker say?

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That is strange as this item is a list of texts so it should work somehow.

I think I will look for a good JSON parser plugin. Thanks for help.