System Appearing to go down every 30 minutes - SSL Error

For the last 2 days our application has been going up and down every 30-40 minutes.

It is only out for about a minute each time, even during the night when no-one is using it.

I have two alert trackers for the system and keep getting alerts non stop.

Is anyone else having the same problem?

We are on the team plan with 11 extra units of capacity, and NO we don’t hit capacity at all.

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OK, it has got something to do with the SSL.

My Pingdom reports are saying SSL Error, so the system is not actually down it’s just throwing an error.

@Mischelle you can check SSL certs here and if this continues to be an issue, please submit a bug report.

Hi Neerja,

Thanks for the link :grinning:

I did the test on the link and it all came back fine A rating.

I will get my developer to log a bug report, and I will get the Pingdom and Pingfresh reports as well.

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Are you using Cloudflare?

I have the same challenge from the last 2 days. Not using Cloudflare, but some plugins are using it. Investigation in progress. Every 2-3 minute going down! Must be easy to track (down mean : the web page doesn’t load or refresh). As you point out, it sounds to be an SSL problem caused by plugins using Cloudflare, particularly if no one else got the issue.


No I’m not using Cloudflare.

I didn’t even think of plugins using it, I will investigate further.

Hi JohnMark,

My Pingdom and Freshping alerts are saying SSL Error.

Thanks for the tip about plugins :grinning:

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Hi @Mischelle,

here is in Safari, not having this error with Chrome (same result).

Hi @JohnMark

Thanks for the screen shot, I will check mine as well.
I truly appreciate your help today :grinning:

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