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System Notifications on Mobile IOS

How does one configure a mobile app/app to display the app notification like the attached image so that these notices display when the user attempts to log in with the same email?

Right now when I use my app it simply does nothing.

There are 2 ways I use to do this on my web app (which should also work on mobile I believe):

  1. Create a notification. Then, set workflows to trigger the notification when use clicks “create an account” and the email address is already in use.
  2. Create a hidden group (or object). Then, set a workflow to display the group (I prefer to use Animations to show it, since this looks more polished), then add a few thousand milisecond pause and trigger an action to hide the group (I use Animations for this too).
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There is another way.

The way I see it in old Bubble apps is its native Android/IOS…

Doing what you suggest is a hack, but it’s not native anymore.

I’m using @natedogg old test app and the notifications appear native and look fine. Same with logging in and registering users. All is working well. But on a new version using the same process it’s not working.

Perhaps you could post a link to your site and/or editor so that other’s can look at it and see what might be going wrong?

The Forum App is also a great place to post things to get feedback if/when you don’t want to share your app publicly.

Good point.

Here are the links:

Main view:


Here’s how do set it up:

Create a new workflow. Have it triggered when user clicks sign-up button. Add “And when…” condition saying the count of email addresses in your database that match the input email address is > or = to 1 (so you know it’s redudant).

Then, add an action to trigger a notification (or a group, per my original explanation). If you use a notification here, you’ll want to have already added a notification to the UI (it’ll be hidden until triggered to display by this action).

You’ll also want to set-up the other workflows that create an account to do so only when the count of user’s with that email address = 0.

Make sense?

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Is this the same setup as @natedogg has done in the original screenshot? I’m not sure it is.

is that a manually created notification? It seems very Android to me.

It’d be easy to set it up to look just like that with the approach I’m talking about. Of course, I can’t know how natedogg set it up on the backend without looking at his backend code, but I suspect this is the approach he took since it’s how most people do it in Bubble.

To replicate this look/feel, you’d create a notification on the front-end that’s formatting to look like that (or different if you want). Then, the workflow triggers it to display for a few seconds and then hide again.

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I get it.

So I format a popup? Or a standard group with rounded corners grey in color?

2 ways:

  1. Use the element called “Alert” (don’t know why, but I always call it notification) Alert’s show up for a specified amount of time then hide again after.
  2. Use a group or any other element, and then you’ll have to trigger it to show and also trigger it to hide, using a pause in-between.

I prefer option 2 since it gives me more control over how it looks / behaves. Refer to my original answer for more details on how to set that up.