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Tab Element displaying plugin - doesnt display correct one

Hi! I hope you can all help - Im very new so not sure if im just missing something.

I have put a tab element in to my page.
I have a plugin in tab 1, the same plugin in tab 2 but display information.

On first click tab 1 displays correctly - on first click tab 2 displays correctly, however when I click back to tab 1 it still shows Tab 2s plugin.

Can anyone help? Thanks, Adam :slight_smile:


Welcome to Bubble Forum!

I would suggest inserting this action when switching between tabs:

Please, see if it works for you. I hope this helps!

Hi @mateusproto Thanks for the info, I tried re-setting the groups but it didnt work :frowning: Anything else we can think of?

Thanks, Adam


Please, what is the plugin you are using?

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Its; Gallery Expandable Plugin | Bubble


I realized that this plugin data source is a do search for, how have you setup this search for?

Please, how are you changing the do search for result based on tab selection?