Table Column Permanently Disappears

Hi guys,

I would love to make a column in the table element only visible if a certain condition is met - meaning that the entire column should be hidden by default.

The issue? When I toggle of “element is visible on page load” while selecting the column, the ENTIRE COLUMN DISAPPEARS and is not even findable in the editor anymore. (Is it gone for good?? or am I ridiculously blind?)

Here’s a loom showing what I mean: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom


Hey @philipp.laengle107 :wave:

Since the table is in Beta testing, I think it might be something Bubble hasn’t thought of yet. I would report it to them so they can make the needed changes.

In the mean time, you can do the opposite condition and hide it if the opposite is true. Does that make sense?

Make it visible on page is loaded and then hide it if the condition is met. :blush: Would that work?

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Hi there,

you are absolutely correct. It’s just always a better UX when you hide things and then show compared to the other way around. Thanks for your response! :slight_smile:

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