Table (thing) comes up empty

This is driving me nuts.
I have a table (thing) with one record (row) that comes up empty (see screen-shots below).
But if I replace the “search for” with any other thing (in the example below Users) the count is not zero.
So, the first 2 screen-shots show the actual number of records in each table.
The next 2 show my search for statements.
The last two show the respective results.
How come does the 2nd table that has 1 record come up with a count of zero.
I’ll be most grateful for an answer.

Check your data permissions. They are set by default now.

Wow! That was a very quick reply. Many thanks.
I actually suspected that may be an issue and set the following (see screen-shot below).
What am I missing?
Many thanks,

Are you sure you are logged in as the correct user? The bookings creator is “app admin” is that who you are logged in as?

You can delete the permissions and it will make everything public. Try it and see if it fixes the issue. If it doesn’t then your data search isn’t set up correctly.

Also, do you have the calendar’s data search set up correctly?

Hi Starr
I somehow accidentally deleted my reply but what I said was:
Hi StarrK_Designs
You are a champion!
I deleted permissions (see screen-shot below) and the count was 1 as expected.
Many thanks indeed :slight_smile:
All the best,

I’m glad you got it figured out! You should definitely add permissions back for data security. You will just have to spend some time setting them up correctly so that you still get the expected results.