Tables don't have the "is loading" feature?

I’m loading data from an API and displaying it in a table. Each new row is added by a new parameter in the API, which returns one additional result. I’ve done it this way to use the API as a data source for Bubble. So far, so good. The problem arises because there’s a lot of data to load. Each parameter the user adds (which results in a new row) increases the load time. If the user sets 10 items to load, it will take a considerable amount of time.

I have two ideas to solve this, but I’m not sure how to implement them:

First solution (preferred): Let me explain how the parameters are added in the API. I have a field in the database where users can add or remove values. I then send these values like …/api/param1,param2,param3… Currently, the data source calls the API (with all parameters) once and displays it on the table when it’s fully loaded. My idea is to change this so that instead of calling the API once, it calls for each row. For example, it would first call …/api/param1, then call again for the next row with param2, and so on. However, I’m aware that the number of rows is based on the data source (each new object will be a new row).

Second solution (less preferred): I know that repeating groups have an “is loading” feature, and you can set it conditionally to show a loader. My idea is to do exactly this, but tables don’t seem to have the “is loading” feature (at least, I haven’t found it).