Tables went empty in preview mode

I created a table. It was working OK. Could see it on “preview”. Then, I had to to clean my computer. After, I went back to “table” page. It was still ok on the dev page. But, then I wanted to preview it, the table was empty except the upper row. The rest is gonne only in the preview mode. I can’t still developp my table as normal but can’t see the result.
Strange??? And it was working before.
Can you help?

Hi there, @benoit.schiepers… it’s going to be very difficult for anyone to help you without a lot more context and probably some screenshots. In the meantime, check your privacy rules because not seeing data you are expecting to see (if that’s even what is happening, but I can’t really tell based on your description of the issue) can often be related to privacy rules.


Since when can you preview data in the editor? You never saw data in your table in the editor.

Show us an image of your tables data source. Then go to preview with debug mode on, and click the table to see it’s data inputs. Then show us that image.

There is probably something wrong with your data source, but without the editor link or some screenshots, it’s impossible to give an accurate answer

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